The All downhill and Saanen dairy goats assistance to supply the best natural bath product around for pets! How’s this possible? The milk from all of these goats can be used for making a handcrafted, Au Natural, flea-free goat milk soap.

It’s miserable to have an animal to possess fleas. Fleas are annoying little creatures that may be hard to exterminate. It’s bad enough to determine them in your beloved pet, watching your dog scratch in misery, but when individuals annoying little creatures intrude your house then you definitely genuinely have trouble! With the aid of dairy goats, your pets could be flea-free and you may live easily, in your house, with no anxiety about invasion from fleas.

Pets possess a handcrafted natural goat milk soap, known as “Au Natural”, that cleanses, freshens and kills fleas! This pet soap is a superb option to using regular commercial pet care soap. Why? It’s an unscented natural soap, without any added scent. It’s very mild and mild, without any residual effects and kills fleas immediately throughout a bath. It’s so mild and mild you can use it on pregnant and seizure prone creatures. This pet soap is, especially, great for skin sensitive creatures. There’s no need to bother about chemicals which are too harsh or dangerous within this soap, when compared with regular commercial soaps. It lathers up great and cleans your dog completely. This soap nourishes and types of conditions hair and skin. Your dog(s) is going to be clean, fresh and flea-free!

The “Au Natural” soap is available in a four ounce size on the, handy, wrist rope for simple bathing. You are able to bathe your dog(s) both at home and take this natural soap along with you when you are traveling. This natural pet product is healthy and adding nourishment to for hair and skin.

Au Natural pet soap is a superb natural option to using regular commercial soap. Commercial soaps may contain skin irritating chemicals. These chemicals might be too harsh or dangerous for your pet’s skin, especially skin sensitive creatures. Take proper care of your dog’s hair and skin with mild and mild, flea-free, unscented, natural goat milk soap. Your dog(s) is going to be clean, fresh and flea-free! A clear, fresh and flea-free pet is really a happy pet, using Au Natural pet soap!