If you are traveling with your dog, you need a good pet carrier. There’s no denying that pet carriers are easy and convenient, and there’s something for every breed and size. So, how do you choose one? First things first, measure your pet. You need to know the right size, which should be enough for your pet to sit, stand and curl around. Secondly, you need to consider the purpose of buying the carrier. Some carriers are designed specifically for air travel and so on. In this post, we have enlisted a few options that you can consider for finding the best dog carrier.

Hard-sided carriers

For air travel, hard-sided carriers are more than necessary. These are also the best choice when it comes to larger dogs. You can keep the dog inside and can travel anywhere you want, often without a second thought. In most products, you will find an opening on the side, but if you want to lift and place your dog, you can find carriers with top opening too.

Soft-sided carriers

Soft-sided carriers are better for smaller dogs. These are great if you are traveling in a car or the pet is traveling in the flight with you. These have a soft casing material, and the quality of the carrier can be quite good, depending on the kind of brand you choose. The Pawfect Pet – Pet Carrier is among the best picks in the market today.

Wearable carriers

If you have a toy dog, this is the kind of carrier you would want to have. Just place your pet in the carrier and wear it as a regular baby carrier. You will find both front and side carriers in the wearable style. There are zippers, which can be used to enhance the security of the animal. Wearable carriers are usually not allowed in airlines, but are good for personal car travel.

Wheeled carriers

If you don’t want to carry your dog along all the time, a carrier with good wheels can be an apt choice. These are pretty easy to move around, and there are varied material and design options, as well. However, do consider the size and weight of your pet before taking the final call.

For the best prices, online stores are your best bet. You can find some great options for different budgets, depending on the needs, purpose and the overall discounts.