What on the planet may come near to the divine unconditional love we obtain from your pets along with other creatures? They’re a classic blessing within our lives that open our hearts to coming back these blessing back to existence. Divine love may be the natural inflow and output essential for spiritual and physical survival.

A spiritual divine love is an extremely effective tool. It may stop us on target which help us defend against distractions that cause most of the hardships within our lives. It’s an absolute necessity for AGUB™ (Accepting God’s Limitless Bountifulness).


The Squirrel and also the Power Line

Eventually I had been relaxing in my vehicle contemplating around the talk, I had been going to give on “Living Existence like a Spiritual Exercise”.

I observed a squirrel running across the grass. He all of a sudden leaped on an electrical pole, ran to the top pole, and leaped to the power line. I had been astonished by his elegance, balance and finish insufficient fear. Then he ran the entire entire thin wire to another pole and without having to stop, he leaped to the next wire and to the third section that visited an enormous tree. Then, about 50 % way across, he finally leaped from the wire in to the tree.

The squirrel’s action completely taken attention. I requested Holy Spirit, “What is learned out of this golden knowledge that touched me so deeply”?

This is exactly what I received:

• The squirrel’s mission was his spiritual roadmap to knowledge and knowingness over the limitation of emotional and mental doubt.

• The squirrel understood with absolute certainty, he could accomplish his mission.

• The squirrel confidence overshadowed fear.

• The squirrel manifested his finished dream through his divine imagination with the guidance of Holy Spirit.

• Creatures are Soul just like humans beings are. Except oftentimes creatures exhibit a better diving love.